Introducing The Next-Gen Dog Coin!

A dog coin with a real-world utility! Cockapoo is revolutionizing the crypto space and the pet industry by introducing its one of a kind mobile app called “Cpoo.” Cpoo is a central hub for all dog owners offering all manner of dog-related services. By harmonizing the currency into the experience, users can request pooper scoopers, engage in pet-related freelance activities, schedule doggie playdates, interact with other dog owners, and so much more. Our goal is to provide a convenient one-stop shop for all dog-related needs, while building a community for owners to socialize with one another and their furry friends!


$CPOO is deflationary and the exclusive currency of the Cpoo app.

Mobile App

 The Cpoo app is an easy platform to request pooper scoopers and earn crypto.


NFT’s will consist of 2,000 Cockapoo dogs that equal a membership on the app.

Mobile Application

Our mobile app will serve as an easy way for people to connect with other dog owners, request pooper scoopers, and clean up dog poop for payments in $CPOO.


Our mission

Reduce Waste

Our Goal is to clean up dog poop on earth.

Build Communities

Bring together environmental and pet communities.

Integrate Crypto

Utilize crypto and blockchain technology.

Don't believe in the issue of dog poop?




-1% Burn
-2% Liquidity Pool
-4% Marketing
-1% Dev



-1% Burn
-2% Liquidity Pool
-4% Marketing
-1% Dev

How to Buy Cockapoo

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