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Cockapoo was designed to prove that the best path to profitability is by doing things honestly and transparently. Below you can find more details about our project and our plans to be a sustainable, long lasting player in the crypto industry.

Transaction Fees

Our 12% transaction fee is designed to promote long term growth to our token and overall project. 

2% Static Rewards

2% of every transaction is redistributed to our holders, incentivizing long-term investments.

10% LP, Burn, and O&D Fund

10% of every transaction is distributed to our burn, liquidity pool, and Operations & Development fund like so:

2% Burn

2% is burned and removed from circulation. By doing this, we decrease our supply and increase token value over time.

3-5% Liquidity Allocation

Our LP allocations are variable based on the following LP/MC ratios: 

10% or less: 5% allocation

11-20%: 3% allocation 

21%+: no allocation

3-8% Operations & Development

Our O&D allocations are variable based on the following LP/MC ratios: 

10% or less: 3% allocation

11-20%: 5% allocation

21%+: 8% allocation


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6 Locked Team Wallets




Locked Liquidity



Operations & development fund

Our operations and development fund was created to ensure the long term use and growth of $CPOO. The fund is managed by the Cockapoo team with investment decisions influenced by the Cockapoo community. Below are some of the ways the fund plans to add value to $CPOO.

Mobile App Stimulus

Our mobile application will allow users to make and receive P2P payments in exchange for dog waste removal. To stimulate app activity and usage, portions of our operations and development fund will be used to compensate users for removing the waste. This will not only stimulate $CPOO utilization (increasing holder rewards and broadening token usage), but will also directly assist in cleaning up local parks and streets.

NFT Platform Stimulus

Our socialized NFT platform will allow users to buy, sell, trade, and collaborate on NFT designs and projects. By injecting portions of our operations and development fund into our NFT platform, we will  stimulate the usage of both our platform and the $CPOO token (increasing holder rewards and broadening token usage). The Cockapoo community already has several plans to deploy these funds to create excitement around our NFT project. 

Charitable Contributions

Portions of operation and development funds will be allocated to charitable efforts at predetermined fund milestones. The majority of these contributions will go towards improvements of local dog parks. At every milestone we will select a new dog park through an application process, voted on by the Cockapoo community. These efforts will not only help improve local parks, but will also bring attention to $CPOO and our mobile application.


Yes, our liquidity will be locked! 


Funds from our presale will be locked in our liquidity pool. Transaction fees attributable to LP allocation will be locked on a weekly basis.

You can currently buy $CPOO on PancakeSwap, Tokpie, and Azbit. You can find more information on buying $CPOO on our home page.

We are currently developing a mobile application and NFT platform that will directly create real world use cases for the $CPOO token. 


Our mobile application will allow users to send and receive P2P payments for dog waste removal in parks and streets. Updates to the application will also allow users to coordinate doggie playdates with similar dog breeds. 


Our NFT project will be a socialized platform where users can buy, sell, and collaborate on NFT projects. 

Contract ownership is not yet renounced as we wish to ensure that our fee structure effectively promotes project longevity. In addition, contract access allows us flexibility in updating our Pancakeswap router address in the event of Pancakeswap updates. However, ownership will be renounced yearly once our tokenomics are verified to be sustainable for $CPOO.


We have no intention of changing our tokenomics in any fashion that majorly affects trading as our code features security checks that block these types of modifications.


Any changes to our code will only be made if it is to the overall benefit and consensus of the Cockapoo community.


If you are interested in learning more about our code, it is available on bscscan here: https://www.bscscan.com/address/0xB277Db4f19fc79F87569aC34EFF5d1D50d4AEb8b 

We are proud to be a true community-driven project, as all major decisions are made by the overall consensus of the $CPOO community. 


The Cockapoo team's fundamental belief is that the best path to long term profitability is through a utilitarian approach that aims to create the most benefit for the most community members as possible. 

Need more info? Reach us anytime at info@cockapootoken.com with any questions you may have.

Apply for our next dog park cleanup

Tell us why your local dog park should be next on our cleanup list!

Upcoming park clean up

Bayfront Park- Miami, FL

Apply for our next dog park cleanup

Tell us why your local dog park should be next on our cleanup list!

Upcoming park clean up

Bayfront Park- Miami, FL

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