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The must have app for any dog owner


View who has the made the most money on the app from tagging, cleaning, and socialzing 


Tag & create poop clean-ups doe other people to clean and make money 


The mobile app will have social and scooper membership programs.


This is where the money you earn from tagging, cleaning, and reffering friends will collect.


Find the best poop bags, pooper scooper, dog beds and more on our mobile shop.


Meet dog-owners and crypto enthusiasts worldwide. Promote your socials and chat links.

Our Vision

We plan for our mobile application to form communities of people passionate about their pets, while building dog-centric ecosystems around them.The application will allow community members to earn crytpo from cleaning waste removal, tagging waste, and referring friends.We hope for our application to act as a centralized hub for all things dog-related, while also making a positive impact on local communities

Official Teaser Video