Cockapoo DAO

The first ever member-managed digital asset fund.


The DAO will consist of 2,000 NFT’s. The money raised from the NFT’s will be invested in digital assets. Holders will be paid dividends based on the fund’s performance. 

1. Equity

Each NFT will represent equity in the DAO Fund wallet. This is where all the digital assets will be held. 

2. Dividends

Holders will be paid daily dividends based on DAO Fund’s performance. 

3. Governance

Holders will have governance rights over the DAO Fund and vote on investment decisions. 

Revenue Streams

All revenue streams will be collected in the DAO Fund’s wallet. Here is the revenue streams.


Token fees are allocated to the DAO Fund.
4% on buys and 3% on sells.

Mobile App

Net proffits from app purchases and subscriptions will be collected in the DAO Fund.


The royalty fee on our NFT's is 10%. Of this, 9% will be allocated to the DAO fund and 1% to dev.

Fund Investment Options

The DAO Fund will invest in digital assets. All of the returns will go back into the DAO fund and pay out NFT holders. 


We will stake tokens in other projects for a return.


We will farm tokens in other projects for a return.

Yielding NFT's

We will invest in high yield NFT's for a return.

Metaverse Land

We will buy land in the metaverse and rent it out.

P2E Game

We will develop a P2E game that will generate returns.

App upgrade

Upgrade mobile app and increase revenue.

Fund's Responsibilities

The DAO fund will have the following responsibilities. 


The DAO fund is responsible for operational costs and development of Cockapoo.


The Dao fund is responsible for keeping up marketing efforts.


The Cockapoo DAO is made up of 2,000 NFT's. These NFT's own and control the DAO fund. 

The DAO is is a wallet of funds that invests in digital assets. 

You can own a portion on the DAO through purchasing our DAO NFT's.

You will get a unique Cockapoo dog NFT. This NFT will own and control the DAO fund.

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