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At Cockapoo, we believe that sustainability is at the upmost impotance to success of our business. Cockapoo is currently seeking ESG report that will outline ways in which we build value through our business, impact social activities, and shows how we turn our commitments into action.


In strengthening our processes, forming our Safety Advisory Board, and adding new tools, we aim to reduce incidents not only on our platform, but everywhere.


Our goal is to put our customers in control by safeguarding personal information, creating and enforcing data privacy and security policies, and developing new technologies that enhance privacy.

Diversity & Inclusion

We encourage different viewpoints and approaches, then we work together to build

Global Citizenship

Our global platform places us in a unique position to provide economic opportunity at scale, to make waste removal equitable, and to create a sustainable future for communities and the planet.


The power of our technology is only as powerful as the people who can use it. We are committed to giving everyone access to our technology, regardless of physical or technological limitations. We are constantly refining our products so that everyone is able to move freely.

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