Remote Work Policy.

  1. This work-from-home agreement outlines guidelines, responsibilities and rules of employees that work from a home office.
  2. Requirements for productive remote collaboration To ensure the quality of work and concentration of the employee is kept at a similar or higher level than in the office, we advise remote employees to: Work from a quiet and distraction-free working place
  3. Have an adequate internet connection and physical workspace
  4. Adhere to usual break schedules
  5. Available for scheduled synchronous and asynchronous communication Mandatory and scheduled meetings should be continued to be attended.
  6. Employees must take proper measures to secure Company information, assets and systems.
  7. While working remotely, the Cockapoo Family will continue our values:
  8. We will choose environmentally preferred products and practices in employee virtual offices (recycling, energy stewardship, water management, responsible hazardous waste management)
  9. We will strive to be plastic free.
  10. We will work together to ensure that environmentally and local vendors continue to be chosen even in the remote office.
  11. We will pick up our dog waste.

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