1.Awareness & Preparation

🔘Project development
🔘CPOO token launch
🔘CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko listings
🔘Develop mobile app
🔘Migrate token to V2 contract
🔘CertiK Audit for V2 contract
🔘Website Update and Rebranding

2.Beta Launch

🔘Mobile app beta launch
🔘Organic app marketing & awareness
🔘Develop Cockapoo NFT's for in-app memberships
🔘 Further Develop Cpoo app interface and functions
🔘Begin paid advertising for app
🔘Continued app testing & updates

3.Mobile App Release

🔘Official Mobile app release
🔘Extensive App Marketing Campaign
🔘Influencer Partnerships – Build long lasting partnerships with influencers who support our mission
🔘Local pet company partnerships – Partner with Local pet stores, vets & more
🔘Government Partnerships – Dog parks, large cities, & more.

4.NFT's & Metaverse

🔘Announce proposals for NFT sale
🔘Release Cpoo NFT's
🔘Purchase land in Metaverse
🔘Begin Development of Cpoo Metaverse
🔘Continued app Research and development


5.Further Development

🔘CPOO2.0 Beta Launch
🔘CPOO X AVAX private sale
🔘 Audit for AVAX contract
🔘Further develop CPOO2.0
🔘Cockapoo Metaverse Public Announcement
🔘App Marketing Push
🔘Company Annoucement

6.Full Ecosystem Integration

🔘Official CPOO 2.0 launch
🔘Official Metaverse dog park launch
🔘App Marketing Push
🔘Seek Series A Financing
🔘Form Cockapoo Board of directors
🔘Release future Roadmap

From the Cockapoo Team

Cockapoo was designed to disrupt the pet industry. We are built on ESG values. We live our Code of Ethics. We work together to protect the environment from the biohazards of irresponsible pet ownership. Our partners, suppliers, community and stakeholders share our commitment to make a difference and stimulate long term economic growth.

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